The Mini Lop breed of rabbits was established in Germany in the 1950s, when several breeds, including the Chinchilla, English Lop, French Lop, and Dwarf Lop, were combined to create a breed that was initially called the Klein Widder.

Lionhead lop mix rabbit

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Our Netherland dwarf buck pulled the great escape getting out of his enclosure and into the enclosure of one of our young mini lop does, resulting in these little cuties They should stay pretty small as mom is in the smaller size at just about 4 lbs.

. . . Choppa is a male Mini Lop and Maxi is a Lionhead.

The breed as a whole is not as well developed as Hollands, so it. The Lionhead rabbit surely stands out from the crowd thanks to their unique mane gene. .

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Lop rabbit.

They are like the puppy version of rabbits, to me. This is what Lionhead Holland Lop mix looks like I'm going to do this "BEDHEAD" LOL.

Breeder Sheilas Lionheads. .

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1 - Mixed Breed Rabbit. How do I care for a Lionhead Rabbit An important part of caring for your lionhead bunny is to provide a healthy diet that should consist of about cup of high quality pellets daily, plus an unlimited amount of fresh Timothy hay and fresh, clean water.


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These little ones are so sweet.

A breeder named Jane Bramley combined the Lionhead Rabbit with a Mini Lop Rabbit to produce this uniquely beautiful breed. . Other than the buck having 1 ear down, their ears didn&39;t lop. hide.

. . The Lionhead Rabbit is the newest breed of rabbit, first imported into the United States in 1999. Lionhead lop rabbit; Mini Lionhead rabbit; Grey Lionhead rabbit;.


. Lionheads crossed with the Mini-Rex are referred to as Velvet Lionheads. I raise Holland Lops and prefer their temperaments over every other breed I&39;ve worked with.

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May 2023.

Choppa and Maxi are a tightly bonded pair. . We did not see the parents, but were told hes a full blooded lionhead.

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May 2023.

5 kg) 3 to 3. Greeting our beautiful lop bunnies Holland Lop bunnies are raised inside home with love, care and raised on fresh greens, herbs, fruits, veggies and superfoods like moringa. December 2022. .